Study Center


What is our Study Center?

Our study center is a place for students to have a quiet and peaceful place to concentrate on their homework or school projects, without the temptations and/or distractions at home. The Study Center is open from 3pm to 4:30pm. Those that would like to use the Study Center must register before hand, and there is a five student minimum for the study center to open, as to ensure Instructors can be there to monitor students.

Do you need to be a MAIB student?

The center is for everyone to use. The students will be supervised by a MAIB Staff Member/Black Belt, but no, you do not need to be enrolled at MAIB to use the Study Center.


Interested in Tutoring?

Private tutoring is available through Grandmaster Thomas Brown, who has been teaching for 20 plus years. To learn more about private tutoring, please contact us using our contact page.

Where and How Do I sign Up?

Call, visit us or use the form below if you would like your children to sign up for our Study Center. You can use our contact page to ask any questions you may have.

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