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Upcoming Workshops & Events


MARTIAL ARTS BOOT CAMP Saturday, June 29th

Join us on Sat, June 29th for our Martial Arts Boot Camp. Guaranteed to boost your heart rate and leave you feeling good about yourself. You’ll also be introduced to basic situational self defense, stick fighting, boxing drills and taekwondo sparring drills. Interested in getting fit while learning self defense and about the martial arts? Click below to learn more.



Martial Arts Institute of the Berkshires encourages growth in the body, mind, and spirit. Our Instructors guide students through conditioning that inspires self-confidence, self-esteem, strength in the body and mind as well honing an individual’s focus drills and meditation.


Family & Community

Working with local schools, we know how important family and community is. We promote our classes as Family Based, encouraging families to practice together - thus tightening the bond between family members. MAIB is also happy to participate in community events, such as the Great Barrington Bike and Fly.


Exploration of Culture

MAIB students are taught self-discipline in part by learning proper Taekwondo/Classroom etiquette that enforces everyday social courtesy, polite and positive behavior that can be seen in every aspect of the student’s life.


Balanced Health

As important as physical strength is, mental and emotional health is just as important - as they are directly connected. MAIB fosters a safe environment for all students to grow and explore as they begin Martial Arts journey.


Start Your Martial Arts Adventure

Martial Arts is a life long journey, and like all great journeys, it starts with a single step. Everyone has their own reason for starting Martial Arts. What’s yours?