I haven’t looked forward to do something like I do about Taekwondo in a long time. I was a bit intimidated to come to MAIB, but within the first five minutes of being here, I felt at ease and excited about the journey ahead.
— Dan Breton, Great Barrington

As a Black Belt, I have been with the school for at least 2 years so I consider this Taekwondo School as family. I highly respect Grandmaster Thomas R. Brown and the other masters
— Lucas Keech, Great Barrington

MAIB is a gem hiding in plain sight. Whether you are new to Martial Arts, or a seasoned practitioner. The teacher and students alike are serious about their training, but also provide a warm and friendly environment. I always look forward to my classes at MAIB!
— Christine Breton, New York

Taekwondo stimulates my mind and energizes my body and soul
— Kelly Zempko