A place to grow your mind, body and soul.


Martial Arts Institute of the Berkshires (MAIB) is a special place dedicated to family, fitness and education of the students in both martial arts and health. Martial Arts Institute of the Berkshires has been offering instruction and lessons in the martial arts since 1997 and has trained leaders in all aspects of life, as well as champions in Taekwondo.

Headed by Grandmaster Thomas Brown, MAIB offers a number of programs in the martial arts that are designed to help improve the health and well being of all who join.

We invite you to come, visit and experience our classes! Our extensive curriculum provides our students the opportunity to learn both the traditional and the modern sports version of the martial arts.

Although the main focus of our school is Taekwondo, Grandmaster Brown incorporates various styles into the curriculum. The curricula at MAIB integrates self defense at all levels, with an increasing level of sophistication at the higher ranks and throughout the black belt ranks, including an introduction to pressure point applications to the self defense techniques. 

We also investigate the meaning and various applications of the individual moves within a Poomse (pre-arranged movements in a specified form) and their relationships to self defense. This is in addition to the wonderful curricula set forth by the Kukkiwon to meet the requirements for obtaining any particular belt level in Taekwondo. We certify our students through World Taekwondo, formally known as the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

Taekwondo is the Korean art of kicking and punching, which was officially introduced as an Olympic sport in the year 2000. Taekwondo is admired for its wide range of high, powerful, and spinning kicks, and the use of these kicks in numerous combination. But Taekwondo is more than a sport; it is also a philosophy, so we incorporate building character in our students though our programs, as well as helping our students obtain their desired health goals. 

Ultimately, Taekwondo helps improve ones self-discipline, strengthens and tones ones body, increases flexibility, and improves coordination and balance, which makes it an excellent choice of exercise for people of all ages, no matter what condition you start from!

The Philosophy of MAIB is about competition with oneself and cooperation with others. It is also based on the tenets of Taekwondo, which are:

  1. Respect

  2. Humility

  3. Perseverance 

  4. Self-control

  5. Honesty


Martial Arts Institute of the Berkshires is a local and community focused martial arts school, helping people develop self-esteem, confidence, focus, balance, mental, emotional and physical health and finding their voices. MAIB promotes a growth mindset in the students, by encouraging them to always try their best and to keep improving.

Grand Master Brown comes from the Bronx, NY, starting his martial arts career with Boxing. Grand Master Brown is ranked as a 7th Degree Dan in Taekwondo. This, along with a background in various styles of Martial Arts, is what the MAIB curricula is based on, enabling Grand Master Brown to deliver a comprehensive Martial Arts education to his students and the community.

Grand Master Brown’s goal is to provide an institute that promotes peace and harmony in the effects of stress encountered in life by people of all ages. Grandmaster Brown promotes this by encouraging his students to have a growth mindset by:

  • training and exercising the body

  • meditation for the mind and spirit

  • eating nutritiously for health and to strengthen the body and it’s immune system

  • practice mindfulness

With less stress, people are better equipped to overcome challenges, to combat injury, illness and disease; and to increase their sense of well being and happiness.

MAIB emphasizes safety and the importance of a strong connection to the Berkshire community through outreach programs, demonstrations, and fundrasiers for non-profit organizations or charities.

Grand Master Brown has studied under many teachers in many different styles; His taekwondo lineage comes down through Grand Master Byung Min Kim, who has retired in 2018. You can learn a little bit about Grand Master Kim by clicking the link below.