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OFFER ENDS Saturday, October 13th

OFFER ENDS Saturday, October 13th


Instructor Program

September 2017

MAIB is now offering an Instructor Program to MAIB students. This program exists as a separate program within MAIB curriculum, offering students detailed lessons on leadership, teaching techniques and practicum, and much more. 

 This program is open to 1st Degree Black Belts, but red and advanced red belts will be considered on a case to case basis. For more information , visit us at MAIB and speak to Grandmaster Brown about becoming an MAIB Instructor!

Benefits of Becoming An Instructor....

What does it mean to be an Instructor? What would it do for you or your child? A very good question. We asked MAIB students - and Instructors alike, to see what being an Instructor meant to them.

Being an Instructor is a great responsibility and an honor. As an Instructor, one has to guide the student through learning the Martial Arts, but also how to come to terms with their often changing bodies, likes and dislikes, as well as teaching them respect for not only others, but themselves as well - which is one of the most difficult things you could ever learn how to do. It is being a guide, a friend, a teacher and a light for next generation.
— Master Rebecca Childs

Special Events and Offers at MAIB

Here you can find all sorts of special events or offers at MAIB. Some of the events include our Half-Day Summer Camp, Movie Nights, Seminars and Black Belt Tests. Scroll down to take a peek at some of our reoccurring events!


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MAIB's Monthly Buddy Week

[Almost] always the second to last week of the month, Buddy Week is a chance for our students to invite as many of friends as they want to a trial class. All a MAIB student has to do is invite their friends! They can use our Buddy Week Invitation (click below to download the PDF), or simply invite them.


Weapon Week

Begun in December of 2017, Grandmaster Brown introduced Weapon Week! Once a month, Grandmaster Brown randomly picks a week where all classes focus on only weapons. Opening it up to all belt levels, MAIB aims to deepen the knowledge of our students, balance "empty-hand" practice with weapon practice and give our students a taste of what they can learn at higher ranks. This is open to all MAIB students of all belt ranks. 


Kick'n' Pizza Birthday Party!

After all that, there is still more the MAIB offers! We also do Pizza Birthday Parties for your child and their friends. We host here at MAIB, where we do demonstrations, skits and fun Taekwondo Activities for the party. Use the form below to get more information about our Kick'n' Pizza Parties!

Child's Name *
Child's Name
Guardians' Names *
Guardians' Names
If you already know how many children are coming to your party, please mention it in your message below. Parties are 1 Hour to 1 and 1/2 Hours long.

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Annual Events

Scroll down to take a look at our Annual Events

Synergies of the Martial Arts Seminar 

Saturday, April 28th 2018

  On behalf of Grand Master Thomas R. Brown, it is our pleasure to invite you to our 3rd Annual Synergies of the Martial Arts Seminar. This seminar will feature four different styles of martial arts so that one can experience their similarities, their differences and where they overlap in their training and philosophies. Our goal is to enhance your experience in the martial arts and encourage further training in your chosen style of martial arts. 

    Whether you are experienced or not, there will be something that you will be able to bring back to help enhance your training or your understanding of the martial arts. Be it the variations in the different styles, the clarification of a technique, or the meeting of new friends, this seminar is designed to offer a great experience within the martial arts. 

    This seminar is open to all, from novice to Grand Master, we will have something for you to experience. All ages are welcome, but those under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Come try out the four styles of martial arts, you may find that one if not all have been what you are looking for. 

Click here to download our seminar's registration form, and here for the itinerary!

please mail in your registration form ASAP. No cash through mail, only checks. Please call 413-528-9560 for more details or if you have any questions. 

Click through the pictures below to see previous seminars

2018 Half Day Summer Camp

Starting the second week of July, sign your child up for MAIB's Half Day Summer Camp. They'll learn the basics of Taekwondo, meditation, nutrition and how the body works. There will be arts and crafts that reinforce what your child learns and end the week swimming at Great Barrington's very own Lake Mansfield! For more information, please use our contact page and receive our info packet via email!