Reaching New Heights with MAIB

Monday, December 18

  In the evening, family and friends gathered as three of MAIB's students tested for their next rank. Phaedra has achieved her orange belt, Robin his purple belt, and Aria her bodon belt. 


Robin has been with us for a while, and in that time, we have watched him push himself further and further out of his comfort zone to become more and more confident. His memory and focus are also improving, along side his knowledge of Taekwondo as a whole. Robin achieving his purple belt tonight has brought him just about half way to his bodon/first degree black belt. It makes the long-time Instructors stop to think about how far he's come and how close a new generation of Black Belts is to come into being. 


  Phaedra, a relative newcomer to MAIB, has quickly absorbed and advanced in all her new techniques. She has made new friends among her classmates and continues to set an example of etiquette and self-discipline. Her older brother, Peyton, not only graduated high school earlier this year, but also achieved his 2nd Degree Black Belt before setting off to college up north. He returned tonight to help his sister on her orange belt test. Seeing them together, we at MAIB could feel how proud Peyton was of his sister, Phaedra, and how excited they both were. 


  Speaking of Black Belts, Aria is now in the final stages of training for her first degree Black Belt.  Bodon is the intermediate level in most styles/schools before a student achieves their black belt. Along with several other students, Aria will be testing in August 2018 for her's. Aria always carries herself with confidence, and positively vibrates with energy. As she has progressed through the ranks, she has continued to learn how to focus that energy and support that confidence. 

  We are so proud of all our students. We would also like to thank the parents for their continued support of MAIB and to the Demo Team Members/Students that came to help. 

Rebecca Childs