Letter of Congratulations, Aug 11th, 2018

Congratulations to the Candidates that tested for their Dan in Taekwondo and back to school preparation.

Welcome Back from your summer vacations. For those of you that missed the August Black Belt Test, it was an awesome event that showed how much the candidates had to achieve. Congratulations to the 8 students that received their new ranks: 

Master Rebecca Childs- 5th Don, Master Kathleen Favaloro- 4th Don, Master Christopher Vought- 4th Don, Julia Britell- 2nd Don, Christophe Pichard- 2nd Don, Carole Green- 1st Don, Aria Eden- 1st Don and Lucas Keech- 1st Don.

I am looking forward to your continued growth and development in the Martial Arts.


Grandmaster Thomas Brown

Rebecca Childs