MAIB 2.0

Today marks the beginning of summer, so we thought what better day than to officially announce our new location!

Honestly, we should thank our (apparent) spirit guide, Mama Raccoon for giving us the push to relocate. She must have known that is was time for us to move on to bigger and better things. Not only is our new space bigger, but we now have room for a student studying area (coming soon) and a proper reception area where we can meet and greet our students as they come in.

We also couldn’t have done it without Master-Dr. Favaloro and her husband, Master Vought. They were able to find our new location and secure it in record time!

Since the beginning of June, many of our friends, students, instructors and masters have been reshaping MAIB. Walls have been patched and painted; new floors and mats have been lain. All the while, classes have remained on schedule and the support from our students has been amazing.

There are many new things on the horizon for us, this move being only the beginning. So stay tuned and visit us at our new location!

54 State Road, Great Barrington MA

Rebecca Childs